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From Harold, Croydon, Surrey

To Julian. Unable to attend Julian and Elizabeth's wedding due to suffering from arthritis; encloses a cheque as a wedding present; hopes to meet 'the young lady' soon

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From Gladys [surname unclear], Skeabost Bridge, Isle of Skye

To Mr and Mrs Royle. Express disappointment that they do not have BBC2 on Skye to watch the Tales of Hoffman, but will listen to the Messiah on Radio 3; look forward to seeing the Royles when they next visit the Skeabost Hotel.

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From Strev and Julia, Loughton, Essex

Thanks Elizabeth and Julian for a wonderful party; hopes Elizabeth can sit for a portrait with the puppy; best wishes for the coming year

Anonymous - unknown creator

From [Jenny] and Luke, London

Expresses disappointment at being unable to attend Elizabeth and Julian's wedding; thanks them for the lovely evening spent just before Christmas; sends congratulations on the warm reviews for Elizabeth in 'Mariage de Figaro'

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From Vernon, London

To both Julian and Elizabeth; thanks them both for a lovely evening

Anonymous - unknown creator

From André, Rome, Italy

Glad Elizabeth and Julian are settled together; job hunting in Italy, hopes for a teaching job; wishes to be kept informed of Elizabeth's upcoming engagements

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