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Elizabeth Harwood Papers Royle, Julian (fl.1930s-present), businessman
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Negatives and proofs

The negatives appear to be more informal, family shots than the proofs. Even though many of the proofs are family shots, they have clearly been taken professionally. Moreover, the majority of the proofs are more formal shots, most likely used fo...

From Harold C Hingston, Croydon, Surrey

Thanks given for the cocktail party thrown by Elizabeth and Julian; congratulations and best wishes on Elizabeth and Julian's marriage

Hingston, Harold C. (fl.1960s)

From John Blayney, London

To both Julian and Elizabeth; thanks them both for a lovely evening spent with their friends and family, especially John Gilory; wishes them continued success and happiness

Blayney, John (fl.1960s)

From Harold, Croydon, Surrey

To Julian. Unable to attend Julian and Elizabeth's wedding due to suffering from arthritis; encloses a cheque as a wedding present; hopes to meet 'the young lady' soon

Anonymous - unknown creator

From Michel Glotz, Paris

Note to Elizabeth Harwood and Julian Royle [her husband] wishing them luck for 1975.

Glotz, Michael (1931-2010), record producer

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