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Miscellaneous items

  • Carroll-Carroll/WC-Carroll/WC/10-Carroll/WC/10/8
  • Série
  • 1892-1953
  • Parte de Carroll Papers

Record of Published Compositions by Walter Carroll with notes on royalties received; 1892-1953. Continued in the hand of Ida Carroll c.1950. "Fairy Music" and "Sea Music" (both from the Canterbury Poets series, n.d.), marked f...


  • Carroll-Carroll/WC-Carroll/WC/12
  • Série
  • c.1860-c.1940
  • Parte de Carroll Papers

Various programmes, 1930s. Including Children's Concerts. Compositions by Albert Davies. Introduction and Fugue by Isaac Davidson. Extracts from writings of Froebel. Music, signed by composers: Tobias Matthay "Principles of Fingering an...


  • Carroll-Carroll/WC-Carroll/WC/13
  • Série
  • c.1880-c.1930
  • Parte de Carroll Papers

Photographs, many of Ida and Elsa as children, also other family members, holidays in Portpatrick

Patents and patent-related notes.

This series contains patent specifications and patent-related notes kept by D. H. Thomas, which were relevant to his research into the development of electronic instruments, and keyboard instruments in particular.

D. H. Thomas' personal notes.

D. H. Thomas' personal notes, both handwritten and typed, about electronic music. Includes a sheet on the Frequencies of the Equal Tempered Scale, short quotations from various sources, calculations, references and personal signposting, and g...


Correspondence and papers relating to engagements for concerts, operas, recitals and other performances.

Press cuttings

These cuttings do not appear to be in any particular order, except loosely by year. The cuttings in the main consist of concert reviews, but also include interviews and features on Elizabeth. The majority of the cuttings are in English, but some...


Annual accounts, with vouchers/invoices and correspondence (to be appraised). Also accounts for Concerto Productions Ltd and Adagio Productions Ltd (companies set up to deal with UK and overseas engagements).

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