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Bem-vindo Brodsky, Anna (c.1855-1929), scientist, President of RMCM Club, writer
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Autograph postcard signed from Edvard Grieg to Adolph and Anna Brodsky

The Griegs are yearning to hear from the Brodskys and are wondering if they have received the letter and photograph. The Griegs think and speak daily of the happy all-too-short time spent chez the Brodskys. Grieg sends greetings to the cat, to ...

Grieg, Edvard Hagerup (1843-1907), Composer, Pianist, Conductor

Typescript letter signed from John H. Bennett to Anna Brodsky

Bennett informs Mrs. Brodsky that on the previous evening he met his violinist friend Andre Polah who is on his way to Europe and will carry one of Bennett's violins to Hills in a double case so that he may bring back the Guarnerius. He has ...

Bennett, John H. (fl.1920s)

Western Union cable letter from John H Bennett to Wm. E. Hill & Sons

Since arranging with Mrs. Brodsky to deliver the Guarnerius to Hills for shipment, Bennett has arranged for a friend to call on Hills and bring the violin to Bennett. Bennett is writing to Mrs. Brodsky asking her to authorise Hills accordingly. ...

Bennett, John H. (fl.1920s)

Autograph letter signed from Marie Richter to Anna Brodsky

Marie explains to Anna that scarcely had Anna gone, when Hans came down and asked where Anna was. Marie now invites Anna to 7.30 dinner on the day of writing. She adds that Hans worships Anna and loves Adolph. He is just a rough diamond. Dated...

Richter, Marie (1855-fl.1920s)

Autograph picture postcard signed from Edvard Grieg to Adolph and Anna Brodsky

The Griegs are waiting very eagerly for news of the Brodskys' arrival. "Es muss sein," but the question is, when? The Griegs are saving the good weather for them and ask if they prefer hard or soft beds; and what ought to be the d...

Grieg, Edvard Hagerup (1843-1907), Composer, Pianist, Conductor

Autograph letter signed from Christian Sinding to Anna Brodsky

Sinding excuses himself for his laziness at writing but he is always tired and useless after work. He is very grateful to Frau Brodsky that he can turn to her in complete confidence and openness and he treasures her. Sinding is very delighted th...

Sinding, Christian August (1856-1941), Composer

Autograph letter signed from Pyotr Il'yich Tchaikovsky to Adolph Brodsky

Tchaikovsky is delighted that Brodsky will come to play in his concert on 28th October and sends the programme: Symphony in D major by Mozart; Brodsky to play the Tchaikovsky violin concerto or any other he likes; Passe-pied and Gavotte from Idome...

Tchaikovsky, Pyotr Il'yich (1840-1893), Composer

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