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Bienvenido Robert King Music Company (1940-1990s), music publishers
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Fanfare for The Lord Mayor of London

Score and Parts; published Robert King Music Company, Massachusetts. Signed by the composer. Letter from Giles Easterbrook of Novello to Philip Jones. Ensemble

Bliss, Arthur Edward Drummond (1891-1975), Knight, composer, conductor

Canzon Primi Toni. Sacrae Symphoniae arr. ?Elgar Howarth

Score for No. 1 published Robert King. Parts for Nos 1 and 2. Spare set of parts for No. 2. Handwritten sheet including corrections. Photocopy of original Gabrieli version for Nos 1 and 2. Ensemble

Howarth, Elgar (1935-present), conductor, composer, trumpeter