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Briggs, Christopher Rawdon (1869-1948), violinist
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Autograph Annual Report of the RMCM by Adolph Brodsky

In this report Brodsky pays tribute to the teaching staff and the Registrar who have all done more than their duty. Brodsky writes philosophically about the art of music. He thanks the Principal of Owens College for establishing links between th...

Autograph letter signed from Christopher Rawdon Briggs to Adolph Brodsky

Rawdon Briggs has a cold which makes him much deafer than usual: a few days ago very high sounds were all but inaudible even with the Acousticon. Rawdon Briggs suggests that Brodsky should try to get a deputy [Bridge, Briggs's wife or Miss R...

Briggs, Christopher Rawdon (1869-1948), violinist

Autograph letter signed from Nina Grieg to Anna Brodsky

Nina Grieg thanks Anna Brodsky for her last two letters and is glad that everything is in order: the Brodsky Quartet plays and Brodsky and Edvard play the sonata, probably the G major, together. [These plans are for a forthcoming concert]. Nina ...

Grieg, Nina (1845-1935), Singer

Autograph letter signed from Simon Speelman to Carl Fuchs

Speelman writes to Fuchs of the suggestion made by a man at the beginning of the season that the quartet should appear at some music halls. At first Speelman believed that this was a joke but the man has written to him [Speelman encloses the lett...

Speelman, Simon (1852-1920), Violist

College of Music general correspondence

Incoming correspondence chiefly to Sir Charles Hallé and Stanley Withers. Subjects include donations, some arrangements for meetings, appointment of Professors, supply of pianos, the building, potential students, and the name of the College. Co...

Grieg Quartet, Opus 27

Parts for first violin, second violin, viola and cello. The parts have been autographed and dated by C Rawdon Briggs. The parts have been annotated by members of the Brodsky Quartet.

Mendelssohn Quintett, Opus 18

Parts for first violin, second violin, first viola, second viola, and cello. They are autographed by Willy Hess, and all but the second violin part have been annotated with the words 'to CR Briggs' after Hess's name. The parts hav...

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